Meet the Board of Directors

ALICE BLECHA, Pizagel’s Ride Leaderalice-blecha

Places lived: I was born in Conway, Arkansas and moved to Kansas when I was 4. I have lived in Kansas ever since.
Bikes: 1996 Bianchi Advantage Cross Terrain and a 2014 Specialized Dolce Sport.
Upcoming rides: Flint Hills Express, Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200, Sierra to the Sea, and the Gorilla Century.
Best time on a bike: Highlights include a 5-day Katy Trail ride and Bike Across Missouri in 2015, Bike Across Kansas in 2016, Cottonwood 200 in 2015 and 2016, but I have also enjoyed all the rides I’ve done with friends and solo. I really appreciate all the words of encouragement and advice that more experienced cyclists have offered me.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I was surprised to be asked to serve on the board, because I have been a cyclist only since the 2014 Capitol Classic. Prior to that, I had only done some occasional bike rides on the Linear Trail in Manhattan, where I lived for 25 years. Joining KVBC and buying my road bike are two of the best decisions I have ever made, so I am happy to do what I can to help our bike club.

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ERIN CHAMBERLAIN, Secretary, Webmaster, & Dover Dogs Ride LeaderIMG_8826 - Copy

Places lived: I was born in Ogden, Utah and moved to Indiana when I was 9. I lived in Indiana for 18 years, but have also lived briefly in Ohio and Oklahoma. Kansas is home now.
Bikes: 1997 Trek 1220, 2006 Trek Pilot, 2011 Trek Fuel EX 5, 2013 Trek Madone, and a 2016 Salsa Warbird.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200, Utah Parks Tour, and the Thursday evening Dover Dogs rides.
Best time on a bike: BAK is the best week of the year. Every day I meet great people, learn the history of small-town Kansas, and there are little moments each day that take me by surprise and become lasting memories. I’ve made some great friends on BAK.
Why I’m a KVBC Board member: I’ve only lived in Kansas since 2008, so it began as a way to meet other cyclists in Topeka. I do also enjoy working to strengthen biking in our community.

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JIM COEN, Board Member

Places lived: I was born and raised in Elkhart, Kansas. I have since lived and taught in Hope, Lakin, as well as Osage City where I presently reside.
Bikes: 2017 Salsa Vaya, 2014 Salsa Colossal, 2014 Giant TCR Advanced SL, 2004 Bacchetta Corsa, 1999 Rans Rocket, and a 2003 Rans Screamer Tandem.
Upcoming rides: Natchez Trace, DK100, Michelson Trail, various sponsored rides in the area, and possibly Bike Across Kansas.
Best time on a bike: I have ridden 6 BAKs, 3 Tours of Wyoming, and a Tour of Colorado, all of which I greatly enjoyed. I have also enjoyed family and friend multi-day rides in Wisconsin, the Adirondacks, southern Arizona, central New Mexico, and the Katy Trail. But most of all, any day on a bike is a good day.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I have enjoyed my Ol’ Phogey rides and meeting new people from KVBC. When I was asked to serve, I saw it as a chance to support a great sport and reach as many people as possible.

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LYNN CRESS, Newsletter Editor & Blackbird Ride Leaderlynncress

Places lived: Originally from Council Grove, KS, Lived in Wichita, Colorado Springs, Denver and now Topeka.
Bikes: Just one so far – a Specialized TriCross Sport for commuting (which replaced my wrecked Bianchi Volpe).
Upcoming rides: Thinking about the Cottonwood 200.
Best time on a bike: Riding the Flint Hills Nature Trail from Admire to CG (countless more, but that was a great day).
Why I became a KVBC board member: To find new routes and meet new people who enjoy cycling as much as I do.

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STEVE CURTIS, Treasurer, Cottonwood 200 Director, & Fairlawn Starter Ride LeaderCurtis

Places lived: Liberal, Wichita, Hays, Garden City, Topeka.
Bikes: Trek 1.1, Giant Escape, Specialized Rockhopper, Specialized Roubaix.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200.
Best time on a bike: I think, “That was a great ride!,” every time I end a ride. Personal thanks to Mark Kossler, Nancy Kossler, Alan Apel, and Larry Langley for their mentoring.
Why I’m a KVBC Board member: I would like to see more people riding bikes and may be able to be a part in that by being on the board.

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ERIC NORDGREN, Vice President, Membership Chair, & Ol’ Phogey & TRR Ride Leadernordgren

Places lived: I’m a native Topekan, graduating from Topeka High in 1972 and K-State in 1976.
Bikes: I’m riding a 2012 Trek Madone, a warranty replacement by Trek for my 2007 Madone which fell apart at 55,000 miles.
Upcoming rides: I’ll be riding the Cottonwood 200 with my fourth son, Hans; and Biking Across Kansas with my first son Kjell and two-year-old granddaughter, Karis (who will ride in a child seat on the back of my 1991 Trek 2300).
Best time on a bike: I’ve done an annual cancer support ride over the past seven years. Each year, I pick a local cancer patient and ride in support of that patient–usually between 250 and 340 miles in a single staged ride. I also lead a local bike group of 90 members called Topeka Road Riders (TRR).

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ANGIE SHELTON, President & My Pace Monday Ride LeaderShelton

Places lived: Before moving to Topeka in 2006, I’ve lived in Parsons, Pittsburg, Herington, Shawnee Mission, Olathe, and Santiago, Chile.
Bikes: Specialized Dolce road bike, and Trek 7.2 hybrid.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200, Lizard Under the Skillet, Gorilla Century, Big BAM (Bike Across Missouri).
Best time on a bike: The first time I didn’t fall after my dad took off my training wheels, and every ride since!
Why I’m a KVBC Board member: This organization was a real blessing to me in my first year of membership! I would like to serve along side those who have helped mentor me, and encourage other new riders.

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SHELLI SHIPPS, KVBC Sunday Ride Leader
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