Meet the Board of Directors

ALICE BLECHA, Pizagel’s Ride Leaderalice-blecha

Places lived: I was born in Conway, Arkansas and moved to Kansas when I was 4. I have lived in Kansas ever since.
Bikes: 1996 Bianchi Advantage Cross Terrain, a 2014 Specialized Dolce Sport, and a 2017 Ruby Elite.
Upcoming rides: Bruce Whaley Spirit Ride, Octoginta, Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200, Bike Across Kansas, or Ride the Fault Line.
Best time on a bike: Highlights include a 5-day Katy Trail ride and Bike Across Missouri in 2015, Bike Across Kansas in 2016 and 2018, Bruce Whaley Spirit Rides, Cottonwood 200 rides, and Sierra to the Sea in 2017. I have also enjoyed many KVBC rides and my solo rides.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I was surprised to be asked to serve on the board, because I have been a cyclist only since the 2014 Capitol Classic. Prior to that, I had only done some occasional bike rides on the Linear Trail in Manhattan, where I lived for 25 years. Joining KVBC and buying my first road bike are two of the best decisions I have ever made, so I am happy to do what I can to help our bike club.

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ERIN CHAMBERLAIN, Secretary, Webmaster, & Dover Dogs Ride Leader

Places lived: I was born in Ogden, Utah and moved to Indiana when I was 9. I lived in Indiana for 18 years, but have also lived briefly in Ohio and Oklahoma. Kansas is home now.
Bikes: 1997 Trek 1220, 2006 Trek Pilot, 2011 Trek Fuel EX 5, 2013 Trek Madone, and a 2016 Salsa Warbird.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Horsey Hundred, BAK, and the Thursday evening Dover Dogs rides.
Best time on a bike: BAK is the best week of the year. Every day I meet great people, learn the history of small-town Kansas, and there are little moments each day that take me by surprise and become lasting memories. I’ve made some great friends on BAK.
Why I’m a KVBC Board member: I’ve only lived in Kansas since 2008, so it began as a way to meet other cyclists in Topeka. I do also enjoy working to strengthen biking in our community.

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JIM COEN, Board Member

Places lived: I was born and raised in Elkhart, Kansas. I have since lived and taught in Hope, Lakin, as well as Osage City where I presently reside.
Bikes: 2017 Salsa Vaya, 2014 Salsa Colossal, 2014 Giant TCR Advanced SL, 2004 Bacchetta Corsa, 1999 Rans Rocket, and a 2003 Rans Screamer Tandem.
Upcoming rides: Natchez Trace, DK100, Michelson Trail, various sponsored rides in the area, and possibly Bike Across Kansas.
Best time on a bike: I have ridden 6 BAKs, 3 Tours of Wyoming, and a Tour of Colorado, all of which I greatly enjoyed. I have also enjoyed family and friend multi-day rides in Wisconsin, the Adirondacks, southern Arizona, central New Mexico, and the Katy Trail. But most of all, any day on a bike is a good day.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I have enjoyed my Ol’ Phogey rides and meeting new people from KVBC. When I was asked to serve, I saw it as a chance to support a great sport and reach as many people as possible.

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LYNN CRESS, Newsletter Editor & Blackbird Ride Leaderlynncress

Places lived: Originally from Council Grove, KS, Lived in Wichita, Colorado Springs, Denver and now Topeka.
Bikes: Just one so far – a Specialized TriCross Sport for commuting (which replaced my wrecked Bianchi Volpe).
Upcoming rides: Thinking about the Cottonwood 200.
Best time on a bike: Riding the Flint Hills Nature Trail from Admire to CG (countless more, but that was a great day).
Why I became a KVBC board member: To find new routes and meet new people who enjoy cycling as much as I do.

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STEVE CURTIS, Treasurer and Fairlawn Starter Ride LeaderCurtis

Places lived: Liberal, Wichita, Hays, Garden City, Topeka.
Bikes: Trek 1.1, Giant Escape, Specialized Rockhopper, Specialized Roubaix.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200.
Best time on a bike: I think, “That was a great ride!,” every time I end a ride. Personal thanks to Mark Kossler, Nancy Kossler, Alan Apel, and Larry Langley for their mentoring.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I would like to see more people riding bikes and may be able to be a part in that by being on the board.

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STEVE HENRY, Board Member

Places lived: I grew up in Bryan in Northwest Ohio but have been in Topeka since 1977.
Bikes: 2016 Trek 7.4 Hybrid. So far no road bike.
Upcoming rides: My Pace Monday, Friday Night Pizagel’s, Blackbird, Capitol Classic, and may do part of the Cottonwood 200.
Best time on a bike: The weekly KVBC rides are my bread and butter but the Hiawatha Trail in Montana and Idaho and riding 29 miles down Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road into Estes Park were unique and special. I have enjoyed cycling tours of cities around the USA and abroad while vacationing. Cycling is fun to do, great for fitness, and a great social activity with our group rides.
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: I’ve only picked up cycling in the past few years and feel I represent the perspective of newer and lower-level cyclists.

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ERIC NORDGREN, Vice President, Membership Chair, & Ol’ Phogey & TRR Ride Leadernordgren

Places lived: I’m a native Topekan, graduating from Topeka High in 1972 and K-State in 1976.
Bikes: I’m riding a 2012 Trek Madone, a warranty replacement by Trek for my 2007 Madone which fell apart at 55,000 miles.
Upcoming rides: I’ll be riding the Cottonwood 200 with my fourth son, Hans; and Biking Across Kansas with my first son Kjell and two-year-old granddaughter, Karis (who will ride in a child seat on the back of my 1991 Trek 2300).
Best time on a bike: I’ve done an annual cancer support ride over the past seven years. Each year, I pick a local cancer patient and ride in support of that patient–usually between 250 and 340 miles in a single staged ride. I also lead a local bike group of 90 members called Topeka Road Riders (TRR).

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ANGIE SHELTON, President & My Pace Monday Ride LeaderShelton

Places lived: Before moving to Topeka in 2006, I’ve lived in Parsons, Pittsburg, Herington, Shawnee Mission, Olathe, and Santiago, Chile.
Bikes: Specialized Dolce road bike, and Trek 7.2 hybrid.
Upcoming rides: Capitol Classic, Cottonwood 200, Lizard Under the Skillet, Gorilla Century, Big BAM (Bike Across Missouri).
Best time on a bike: The first time I didn’t fall after my dad took off my training wheels, and every ride since!
Why I’m a KVBC Board Member: This organization was a real blessing to me in my first year of membership! I would like to serve along side those who have helped mentor me, and encourage other new riders.

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BARBARA REPP, Board Member
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MARY TAYLOR, Board Member
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