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Topeka Bikeways

Two of the club's Board members serve on the Topeka Bikeways Committee and are influential in working to improve cycling for everyone in the city. Committee members have worked hard to get the Shunga Trail extended west, and to place chat on the Landon Trail between 45th Street and the city limits.

The Topeka Bikeway Master Plan is a detailed approach to making the city hospitable for all cyclists. If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with the plan, it's over 200 pages long and is in pdf format--so allow for download time. Read the Topeka Bikeway Master Plan (large file--13 megs).


3 foot logo

3 Foot Law

We'll be selling bumper stickers and magnets promoting Kansas's 3 Foot Law at Bicycle Across Kansas (BAK). Thanks to Randy Rasa (Kansas Cyclist) for providing us with the graphic.


HB 2735

We're proud to say we played a role in killing a bill before the Kansas legislature's House Transportation Committee. If passed, it would have threatened the future of trail development in Kansas by requiring trail owners to pay taxes on the property they currently develop. Here's the text of our testimony in opposition to HB 2735.

Mr. Chairman and Members of the House Transportation Committee:

During last year’s legislative session our organization came before you in support of 3-Feet passing legislation for bicycles. We thank you for your support in the successful passing of this legislation.

Today we come before you in opposition of HB 2735. We feel that passage of this bill would be extremely detrimental if not fatal to our recreational trail system. Frequently our members travel to Missouri and utilize the Katy Trail. This is money that could be spent in Kansas if our trail systems continue to be developed. This development would be greatly hindered by the passage of HB 2735 as it is presently drafted.

The Rails to Trails Conservancy has done a fantastic job with the development of both the Landon and Flint Hills Nature trails. This development is primarily done by private donations, grant money and volunteer labor. Presently the Landon trail is nearing completion into Topeka. As it currently stands, HB 2735 would undermine these efforts accomplished with little expense to the taxpayer; as well, we feel that private donations would be put in jeopardy for fear the money would go to pay taxes rather than for trail improvements.

In closing we would like to show our support of KanBikeWalk’s proposed amendment to HB 2735.

Read the bill as introduced (pdf).



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